When I think of you, you’re happy. You crack a smile mid-thought during a red light on a summer day. You sigh and stretch your arms back with a big exhalation at the end. Maybe your toe taps to that one song with the guitar and the chorus we know by heart. I’ll hear you singing off key and we laugh because of the joy it brings us. Maybe you’re not moving, maybe you’re just waking up, sleepy and cheerful. You’re holding a cup of coffee while leaning against the sink, that golden gorgeous morning light bathing you. When I think of you I hope you’ve found your sunshine. I hope it’s as good as you knowing I’m happy, too.



The night comes early

ushered in by softened light

Autumn has arrived

— • — • — • —

My bedside lamp glows

in bright pink light, soft with sex

Feminine on me

— • — • — • —

I want you here, now

Setting molecules ablaze

Explosive with lust

— • — • — • —

Sing me your love thoughts

Hold my hands, wind up my hair

Kiss me up my spine

— • — • — • —

Lips writing love notes

One kiss, I love you more

Two kisses, divine

— • — • — • —

Your eyes kiss my own

Your being lives within me

Our hearts are never alone

— • — • — • —

My Lover, my own

I am one thousand lit stars

glittering with you

— • — • — • —



A pink, faceless torso drives my car around the board between Paydays and mandatory stop signs it skates with and around other cars filled with more faceless torso’s, casually plunked like pegs into tiny holes filling game pieces and we use them to count our pace with the click click click of soft plastic against cardboard, we slap wax-papered cards down with each “achievement” knowing it’s not real, none of it is, not even a little bit, but here comes another draw of the deck and here we are, owning homes, adding more blue and pink pegs we muster our luck, we push through the hardships, we get to the eventual end having said “I suppose it was what it was” and surrender it all back to the board, again



The man at the bank

asks me if I’m ready

(about thirty times)

to commit to pay for bricks and pipes

a patio door that creaks when opened

trees keeping secrets I do not know

walls that will be freshly painted

neighbors who befriend

neighbors who spy

for exactly thirty years

Then came signing

the repetitive letters

making up my legal name

It came full stop

at the sight of my legal name —



As if this home

will be only half full

despite having paid for it

with all that I own



Tiffany Dansby

Tiffany Dansby

I have idle hands and countless unfinished stories in my head